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Tabata vitalshot lift tee van kantoor artikelen tip.
Tabata vitalshot lift tee
Lift Tee is Tabata's registered trademark.All Lift Tee products conform to the official golf rules. Outstanding ball stability and swing Surprising carry!! Since its launch in Japan and the USA Lift Tee has become tremendously popular among a wide range of golfers including top professionals. Only the tips make contact with the ball so resistance is low. Low tee resistance means the ball can be hit cleanly increasing your driving distance. All lift tees are made from a brightly coloured polycarbonate that is both durable and easy to find. Available in the following:Short 2" (49mm) 10 tees Regular 2 1/2" (63mm) 10 tees Long 3" (78mm) 8 teesStep Regular 2.4" (60mm) 8 teesStep Long 3" (78mm) 8 teesLong 3" Tour (78mm) 8 tees NEW IN PLAIN WHITE COLOUR ONLY

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