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David leadbetter cabretta leather glove van kantoor artikelen tip.
David leadbetter cabretta leather glove
David Leadbetter widely regarded as golf's top instructor and as the finest golf glove you will ever own. The Leadbetter glove is 100% grade "A" genuine Cabretta Leather and includes PITTARDS slip resistant palm and grip alignment. Provides visual feedback to ensure a correct grip.100% Genuine Cabretta Leather with Pittards Slip Resistant Palm.Palm AlignmentShows where to lay the club in golfers hand.Life Line IndicatorLines up with the life line of golfers opposite hand for a proper overlapping grip.Knuckle IndicatorThe golfer sees one knuckle for a neutral grip and two knuckles for a strong grip.V Path IndicatorThe "V" formed between golfers thumb and index finger points to right shoulder for right handed golfers.

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