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Gokart manual electric trolley with lithium battery van kantoor artikelen tip.
Gokart manual electric trolley with lithium battery
Give your GoKart a proper test drive use it for 28 days on the course if you are not happy with it let us know and we will arrange a collection for you and also give you a full refund.GoKart Golf Trolley with standard speed controlThe GoKart with standard speed control. It has a simple roller on the handle to adjust the speed which combined with an on/off switch makes it really easy keep the trolley matched to your walking pace.The standard battery weighs 6.5kg and is the right choice for most people; it has plenty of power for 18 holes round even the longest course. If you regularly play 36 per day there's an extended range version but it's almost 3kg heavier than the standard battery. Both batteries come with a 12 month warranty.The final battery option is our lithium battery. The advantage of lithium is it's much lighter (2.5kg) has a longer life than a lead/acid equivalent the range is 36 holes depending on the course and condition and it comes with a five year limited warranty. The disadvantage...the price!Discover The Art of FoldingNote: *The manufacturer's warranty covers purchases within the UK and Ireland only. Customers who purchase this trolley from outside the UK & Ireland will not be covered for warranty in their country. They will need to return the trolley back to us in to the UK for repairs & services at their cost.

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