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Golfdotz ball id van kantoor artikelen tip.
Golfdotz ball id
Applies in seconds highly durable instantly ID your ball.The days of messy markers and identical black spots on the ball are over! Golfdotz are a new generation transfer that simply bond with the skin of the ball when firm pressure from your thumb is applied. In 5 seconds or less you are ready to play! Designed and tested by golf enthusiasts tired of the same old methods Golfdotz is a new and unique product for serious and casual golfers alike. How to Apply ? Make sure ball is clean and dry. Cut out design and peel off backing sheet. Press design firmly onto ball for 3 to 5 seconds until it releases from sheet (Yes it's that simple!). Smooth firmly over design again with top sheet if desired. You are ready to play!

Merk: Masters

£ 5.95

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