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Golf pride multicompound cord plus4 mid size grip van kantoor artikelen tip.
Golf pride multicompound cord plus4 mid size grip
With 80% of global Tour players trusting them nobody knows their grip preferences better than Golf Pride. The majority of Tour players build up their grips to reduce tension in their hands. With less tension comes more power and the most powerful swings in the game trust Golf Pride. Now Golf Pride are bringing this performance preference to you with the new MCC Plus4.LARGER LOWER HANDLighter Grip Pressure = INCREASED POWERWith a 4.6% larger outside diameter in the lower hand the Plus4 encourages lighter grip pressure. Promoting less tension in the hands and more fluidity throughout the swing creates more power.NEW SOFT MATERIALLighter Grip Pressure = PERFORMANCE FEELMCC Plus4 has two uniquely formulated compounds to create the performance of two grips in one. The upper hand material is a soft compound with Brushed Cotton Cord for built in stability. The lower hand contains a softer rubber compound ideal for enhanced feel.

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