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Cleveland 588 altitude irons (steel shaft) van kantoor artikelen tip.
Cleveland 588 altitude irons (steel shaft)
The Cleveland 588 Altitude Steel Shaft Irons made to help you hit longer and higher.New from Cleveland in 2013 the 588 Altitude Steel Hybrid Irons with a promise of extreme forgiveness through every stroke with a hybrid feel meaning all golfers will find it easier to control their hits when using these irons! And with interchangeable heads that can be mixed and match with the 588 MT and TT irons Cleveland have allowed you to build your own perfect set.Aimed at players seeking Super Game Improvement.Main Features:Built for Altitude With the introduction of a hybrid like head to the 588 series these irons above all are the easiest to hit and offer high forgiveness on top of that. Along with the Face Forged Technology it makes these irons incredibly easy to use with out losing ball speed increasing distance. These irons are great for game improvement and offer maximum playability and performance for learning golfers.Hollow Construction With a full hollow head mixed with advanced weighting technology the irons provide high forgiveness with a lower and deeper centre of gravity. This allows high launch with distance that can be achieved through almost every stroke. This makes it feel great for any golfer with great results especially made for golfers with a slower swing speed.Face Forged Technology With the introduction of the forged face to each iron not only will you get the feel of a forged iron through your stokes but this will also increase balls.Fully Customisable With the inclusion or interchangeable parts with the brother irons 588 MT and TT irons a set can be created to the exact specification you want and need from Cleveland. Also the inclusion of being built with 431 Soft Stainless steel body the irons can be easily customised to anywhere between 2 degrees flat and 2 degrees upright to accommodate different swing types.Specifications IRON LOFT LIE LENGTH SWING WEIGHT OFFSET VALUE BOUNCE ANGLE STEEL GRAPHITE STEEL GRAPHITE 3 19 60.00 39.75" 40.00" D3 D2 .090" 2 4 21 60.75 39.125" 39.375" D3 D2 .090" 2 5 24 61.50 38.50" 38.75" D3 D2 .080" 3 6 27 62.25 37.875" 38.125" D3 D2 .080" 4 7 31 63.00 37.25" 37.50" D3 D2 .080" 6 8 35 63.50 36.75" 37.00" D3 D2 .070" 7 9 39 64.00 36.25" 36.50" D3 D2 .070" 8 PW 44 64.50 35.75" 36.00" D3 D2 .070" 8 DW 49 64.50 35.50" 35.75" D4 D3 .070" 11 SW 54 64.50 35.25" 35.50" D4 D3 .070" 11

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