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Mizuno mp 5 irons (steel shaft) van kantoor artikelen tip.
Mizuno mp 5 irons (steel shaft)
The MP 5 sits neatly between Mizuno’s classic blades and smaller players cavities. The Channel Back concept was refined through a harmonization of CAD design and traditional Japanese craftsmanship. Pro to low single figure handicaps recommended. Blade like precision with cavity level forgiveness. The Channel Back design keeps thickness behind impact for blade like feel but moves enough mass to create stability from off centre strikes.Ultimate feel Forged in Hiroshima Japan at Mizuno’s exclusive plant – manufacturer of Grain Forged heads for Mizuno for over 30 years. Grain Flow Forged from a single billet of 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon steel. #nothingfeelslikeamizunoPrecise distance control. Grain Flow Forging compresses and maintains a consistent grain through neck and hosel ensuring consistency through every club head for predictable distances.Craftsman input: Although larger than a traditional blade our craftmen’s sense of proportion and shape ensured that the MP 5 looks right at address. The thicker top line was popular amongst our panel of professionals in testing – giving ‘a more powerful look’Polished durability. With a little care the MP 5’s double nickel mirror chrome finish will maintain its beauty over time. Check the care instructions for Mizuno Grain Flow Forged irons.Custom built to your Mizuno Swing DNA. Our Swing DNA system can identify which shaft and set make up will produce the best results from your swing. Your irons can be assembled and dispatched within 5 working days of Mizuno receiving your order (location and parts allowing).“Marrying the skill sets of our CAD based engineers with the more traditional craftsmen in Yoro Japan we’re able to produce beautiful irons that play a lot more forgiving than would imagine by looking at them. I think Mizuno is pretty unique in still having craftsmen that worked in the era before CAD design – which means our irons have a kind of emotion and history built into them.” David Llewellyn – Head of Design.Specifications Club Loft Lie Length Hand 3 Iron 21° 59.5° 38.75" RH 4 Iron 24° 60° 38.25" RH 5 Iron 27° 60.5° 37.75" RH 6 Iron 30° 61° 37.25" RH 7 Iron 34° 61.5° 36.75" RH 8 Iron 38° 62° 36.25" RH 9 Iron 42° 62.5° 35.75" RH PW 46° 63° 35.5" RH

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