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Champ pro stinger metal spikes (#1 on tour) van kantoor artikelen tip.
Champ pro stinger metal spikes (#1 on tour)
Following the success of the Scorpion Stinger Champ have designed the new two color three piece material Pro Stinger to provide superior traction while playing in adverse weather conditions. Champ Spike Fastening System: Unsurpassed Comfort Unparalled Traction with its Metal Center Tip and Cushion with outer elements innovative wear indicator easy to change easy to clean twice the durability of nearest competitor green friendly With its metal centre tip and cushion the Pro Stinger provides unsurpassed support and traction that only the best desire. Styles: Q Lok System 18 spikes (Nike Etonic Dexter HI TEC Allen Edmonds Cutter & Buck Florsheim):The CHAMP Q LOK System eliminates the traditional threaded system for fastening spikes to shoes Q LOK incorporates a patented design based on two interlocking triangles A female receptacle in the shoe sole and a male receptacle on the spike Q LOK simply requires downward pressure to be applied on the spikes while making a quick 1/4 clockwise turn to lock them in place A reverse turn will unlock the spikes. Also fits shoes using the QFit system.Tri Lok System 16 spikes (Adidas {2009 and earlier} Bite Cylonic Dexter Footjoy ladyFairway Oakley Wilson): The new CHAMP Tri Lok System is equipped with three threads and our patented one piece locking ring The ring keeps dirt and debris out of the shoe's receptacle which protects the receptacle and makes spike changing easier Spikes with the CHAMP Tri Lok System fit shoes by Foot Joy Dexter and all shoes that are equipped with the Fast Twist spike fastening system Small Metal Thread (6mm) (Adidas Dunlop Footjoy New Balance Tommy Bahama Ashworth Ecco Mizuno Reebok Wilson)The steel thread makes it easy to insert and remove spikes and reduces the occurrence of lost spikes The metal to metal contact provides a secure attachment between the shoe and the soft golf spike Small thread replacement spikes accommodate a wide variety of golf shoe brands.For different shoe models the above types of threads may not be suitable please check with respective manufacturer for spike fitting.

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