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Big max coaster quad brake electric trolley with lithium battery van kantoor artikelen tip.
Big max coaster quad brake electric trolley with lithium battery
The revolutionary 360 quad technology offers better stability on hilly terrain allows you to take the sharpest corners thanks to the 360 degree front wheels and perfectly adapts to any size thanks to its adjustable handle.An important function is the electronic Mountain Brake function which ensures constant speed and the electronic parking brake. The Coaster has the ideal organiser panel with room for scorecard GPS or smartphone with optional solar charging during your round. This can be further upgraded with various accessories.The controls of the Coaster are like childs play and are aided with a digital display that has a distance function allowing it to travel between 5 and 60 metres unaided. The wheels have a free wheel function so the Coaster can move without the need for the motor. For those who like to take it easy on the course there is even a seat option and room to store it. After your round the Coaster folds down compactly with one hand movement.There has never been a lighter more comfortable and unique electric golf trolley.Some more important features: Downhill motorised brakes for controlled speed and electric parking brake The innovative Quad design delivers complete stability on any terrain Easy manoverability thanks to the 360 front wheels Ultimate stability in bends through the differential steering Height adjustable handle Quick and easy to fold Distance setting of 5 to 60 meters Distance display for distance walked or driven Tournament mode allows you to disable disallowed features Colour display for speed battery status distance control and measurement Organiser Panel with various additional options Ergonomically designed handle with soft grip GPS holder with Solar charging option Compact frame Integrated bag holder including bag fastener Universal Battery compartment 360 Front wheels also fixable as requiredExtra Optional accessories are available to purchase: Seat Travel cover Beverage holder Solar charger Umbrella holder Winter wheels Optional 5th wheel

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